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Consider this me bowing to customer pressure! Since we introduced our innovative reusable cup scheme at the beach shop our mugs have become rather iconic. I dropped the ball rather when I designed them, intending for them to be so ugly and undesirable so people wouldn't steal them. Safe to say that I got that a bit wrong. We've always resisted attempts to purchase them in the past, for numerous reasons: they have a high minimum order quantity from the printers, it has the potential to get confusing with who has paid and who hasn't and ultimately, certain people will still nick them as a souvenir anyway. So, in the hope that those who do desperately want them as a souvenir will now pay for them, here they are, listed online for the first time.

 Caveat: these are not brand new mugs. They have been used and washed, in some cases many times. Some of the mugs have the logo of Not the Norm Ltd  on one side, a lovely natural sunscreen company who kindly offered to sponsor the scheme last year to enable it to continue  despite so many mugs being stolen. 

 If you do buy a mug please can I ask you a favour and ask you to keep it for use at home? Or in your tent or camper van etc, just don't bring it to Readymoney with you. If people see you putting your mug that you actually own into your bag to take home they may just assume they can take one and I'd rather that not happen. 

 I'm still in two minds about offering these for sale at all but all good businesses listen to their customers right?