The Readymoney swim area buoy in Fowey

Is it safe to swim?

Readymoney Cove is not a lifeguarded beach but it is generally safe for swimming all year round when conditions are favourable (click here to read my recent blog post about the impact of sewage alerts on swimming at Readymoney Cove). The beach slopes gradually with no steep drops or hidden sand banks and during the summer months a swimming platform is anchored in the centre of the cove. It is possible to swim all year round and at all tides but care should be taken on rough and windy days.

Is there somewhere to change?

Our covered shelter makes a handy place for post-swimming changing but please remember that this is an area for all the public to use and be thoughtful about how you leave the space whilst you are swimming. We have provided two coat stands for hanging towels, bags and changing robes rather than leaving them on the benches. Please do not use our basket of blankets as towels for you or your dog!

Is there a designated swimming area?

Motor boats are not permitted past the yellow buoy line at the mouth of the cove (even if they are rowed in). Swimmers should not swim past the buoy line into the harbour.

Are there jellyfish?

Jellyfish are common at Readymoney, depending on the prevailing weather. This does sometimes include Portuguese Man O War which can be very dangerous. If these are present then signage will make this clear. Swimmers enter the water at their own risk at all times. There is a life-ring on the wall of the limekiln.

Does the water get really cold?

We have a helpful wall sign up on the toilet block all year updated every morning with the tide times, wind directions and air and water temperatures. We get the water temperature information from this website. The water quality at Readymoney is generally good to excellent, more detail here. In the winter the water temperature might drop to around 8 degrees, in the summer it might get up to around 20 degrees.

Who can I swim with?

There is usually a constant stream of swimmers at Readymoney all year during daylight hours. If you are looking for a local swimming group then the Polkerris Plungers regularly meet at Readymoney, you can request to join their group here. There is also a Bluetits swimming group for Fowey and the St Austell Bluetits often swim at Readymoney too.

Is there another beach in Fowey?

It is also possible to swim at Whitehouse Beach, about 10 minutes walk towards the town centre but at present there are no facilities, other than a covered shelter at Whitehouse. Many websites and indeed the signage on the Esplanade will indicate that there are toilets at Whitehouse but these were closed in 2013 and remained closed until further notice.
Whitehouse is popular with locals for jumping off the wall at high tide but care should be taken if you are not familiar with the area as there are hidden rocks.
There is also a 1920's concrete tidal paddling pool at Whitehouse which has brought joy to generations but this has fallen into disrepair and is awaiting complete refurbishment. At the present time there is no public access to the paddling pool as it is not safe.