Dogs are permitted at Readymoney Cove other than between 10am and 6pm in July and August.

Please do not take your dog onto the beach during these times. 

There is no requirement for dogs to be kept on a lead when on the beach at permitted times but please be mindful of how your dog interacts with others using the beach.

There are two bins for dog waste at the entrance/exit to the beach.

Please pick up after your dog.

We have a selection of dog treats on sale in the shop, special dairy free doggie ice-cream and also a jar of free dog treats for customers.

If you are looking for other dog friendly beaches in Fowey there are no restrictions at Whitehouse beach or at Polridmouth or Coombe (between Readymoney and Polridmouth). Our dogs also enjoy a run along the foreshore off Town Quay at low tide.