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My Top 10 Cornish Ice Cream Flavours

Victoria Clark

As the proud owner of Readymoney Beach Shop right by the sea in gorgeous Fowey, Cornwall, my priority is serving top quality Cornish ice cream all year round to holidaymakers and loyal local visitors. In reverse order, here's my personal Top 10 of our brilliant range of flavours from three different first class Cornish ice cream suppliers.

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10. Banana Honeycomb

There's no bright yellow colouring or artificial taste to this delicious ice-cream from Launceston based ice cream business Gerry's Originals. I have this weird thing about bananas where I absolutely cannot eat one as nature intended but anything with banana in, I'm there. Combining the creamy banana with chunks of chewy honeycomb is a big hit for me.

9. Peach, Orange & Lime

This is another creation from Serena & her team at Gerry's. You don't see peach ice cream very often (pêche and melon were always my favourite French ice creams of choice whilst holidaying as a child). Combined with subtle orange & a dash of zesty lime this makes for a truly delicious and refreshing fruity ice cream which you won't find supplied by anyone else.

8. New York Lime Cheesecake

This is a new one for us this season, coming from Treleavens, based on a farm just down the road near Bodmin. I know this is two lime ice creams in a row but if you're a cheesecake fan then you will adore this twist on a traditional Cornish ice cream. I "shared" a scoop with my husband the other week as he hadn't tried this flavour before and he ate the whole lot. Rude.

a 3 scoop icecream cone against a pink background

7. Orange Chocolate

Another citrus flavour but this time with the addition of scrummy chocolate chips. Take note that this is very much an Orange Chocolate rather than a Chocolate Orange (sorry Terry) but that's why I like it so much, it's different but delicious. One of those "do you remember that ice cream we had in Fowey" moments!

6. Moomaid Mess

When I opened Readymoney Beach Shop back in 2017 I went straight to Moomaid of Zennor as my first supplier. I will never willingly not sell Moomaid ice cream, their product really is incredible using milk from their own dairy cows on their farm overlooking the sea in the stunning village of Zennor. Moomaid Mess is a Cornish ice cream interpretation of the classic Eton Mess: their delicious creamy vanilla with meringue pieces, chocolate chips, hazelnuts and a raspberry swirl. It is seriously good and flies out as soon as we put it out.

5. Chocolate Caramel Fudge Brownie

This delectable creation by Gerry's Originals takes me right back to my university days on the sofa with a spoon and a tub of "fancy" American ice cream. The chocolatiest of chocolate ice cream with added chunks of chewy gooey chocolate brownie? Hell yes. Where's my spoon?

4. Rhubarb Crumble & Clotted Cream

A lot of people (particularly children) choose their ice cream because it's pink. It could be pretty much any flavour as long as it's pink. We've always got a pink ice cream ready to scoop & this is my personal favourite, a new flavour this season for us from Treleavens.

two icecream cones against a blue background

3. Salted Almond & Hazelnut Praline

Ooh now this is a truly special flavour from the Moomaid ice cream wizards. I don't even like almonds but with a sneaky layer of cocoa powder this standout flavour is like a Cornish ice cream version of Ferrero Rocher, you are really spoiling us ambassador

2. Mint Choc Chip

I didn't intend for this list to be an homage to 80's & 90's advertising but hands up if you remember Gino Ginelli? 100% responsible for my absolute lifelong love of a mint choc chip ice cream (although given that it was made by Walls, I'm skeptical about quite how Italian it really was). Still a super popular flavour with so many of our customers and I never miss an opportunity for a scoop.

1. Shipwreck

Come on loyal Readymoney fans, you didn't really expect the number one spot to be occupied by anything else did you? Shipwreck is Moomaid's top seller by a country mile & we always try and make sure we have it available (until we run out...). Taking its name inspiration from the legend of the Mermaid of Zennor Shipwreck consists of top quality vanilla ice cream with swirls of salted caramel dulce de leche sauce and honeycomb pieces. Ooof. It's the BEST and thousands of our customers would agree with me!

What did you think of my Top 10 Cornish ice cream flavours? How would yours compare?

Disclaimer: I know that this list doesn't include vanilla. Controversial right? I don't dislike vanilla but it wouldn't be my first choice (or evidently even my 10th). However I know full well that I'm in the minority here (yes Mum, I know...) so unless we've been absolutely slammed on a super hot day in the summer we will always have a delicious Cornish vanilla ice cream ready to scoop for you, panic not. 


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Controversial especially as the vanilla you guys stock is the best one I’ve had in ages!!


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