In order to keep our staff, customers and toilet users safe, we are following the relevant Covid-safe guidelines and laws which are in force at any given time. We have We're Good To Go certification from Visit Britain.

The following Covid-safe operating procedures are in place, please respect the rules and respect the staff. Abusive behaviour towards staff members who are simply trying to keep everyone safe will not be tolerated:-

- Only one customer group is to enter the shop at a time. Please wait at the threshold by the 'please stand here' sticker until the customer in front of you have safely exited the shop. Where possible, please keep the number of people in your group to a minimum.

- Face coverings will need to be worn inside the shop. In our experience it is easy to forget to pop your mask on after waiting outside in the fresh air so our staff will politely remind non-mask wearing customers to cover their faces. If you have a legal exemption then please advise our staff (you do not need to explain the basis for this exemption). If you have left your mask outside unfortunately you will need to go out and collect it and then rejoin the queue so please ensure that you have it with you ready to go as you queue. We have disposable face coverings for sale for £1 each if required. 

- Please use hand sanitiser before entering the shop or using the public toilet. There is a hand sanitising station on the end of the wall between the shop doors and the toilet and a further dispenser on the water refill tap on the left hand side of the shop entrance.

- Please queue considerately, and do not not block exits. 

- We recommend using any queuing time to review the menu board and decide  what to order (and help your children to do likewise) This will speed up ordering time once inside the shop and enable us to serve customers as quickly as possible.

- Please ensure social distancing is maintained whilst queuing.

- Please supervise your children and ensure that they follow social distancing where possible and that they do not touch shop stock unless you intend to purchase that item.

- Our staff will serve you from behind the protective screen fixed to the shop counter. Please do not ask staff to put their health at risk by serving you from the shop doorway if you do not have a face covering.

- We would prefer card payments in order to minimise cash handling. Although we are always scrupulous with our hand hygiene and food preparation we would prefer to reduce risk of virus transmission to the lowest possible level.

- We are happy to use your own coffee cup but we will prepare the drink in one of our reusable cups and ask you to place your lid-free cup on the counter so that we can pour your drink in.

- We continue to use our reusable cups which are thoroughly sanitised in hot soapy water (as they would be even in the absence of Covid) between customers. Please place your used cup directly into one of the yellow buckets outside the shop, ensuring that any rubbish (including teabags) is first disposed of into the nearby bins.

- We carry out regular Covid sanitation during the day in addition to our usual cleaning regimes. This may mean that you need to wait outside the shop or toilet for a short period of time whilst these procedures are carried out but we hope you understand the importance of ensuring that we remain safe.

We're good to go certification mark