Three simple ways to get free drinks at the beach in Fowey!

Three simple ways to get free drinks at the beach in Fowey!

Victoria Clark

Did you know you can get free hot drinks at the beach in Fowey using one of our brilliant customer loyalty schemes? Read on to find out what we offer to make our beautiful Readymoney Cove one of the best beaches in Cornwall, whatever the weather.

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1. Traditional loyalty card: buy 8 hot drinks, get the 9th free

A mug of hot chocolate with a christmas tree shaped marshmallow at Readymoney Cove Fowey

Like many coffee shops we offer a customer loyalty card, valid on our full range of hot drinks including locally roasted coffee, a huge variety of teas, delicious deluxe hot chocolates with cream and special toppings (including fun Harry Potter, sea life, space and rainbow themed sprinkles for the kids), chai latte and hot spiced apple… 

There’s something for everyone with soya and oat milk available too plus decaf options for tea and coffee, we even have vegan cream for your dairy free hot chocolates.

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a hand holding two Readymoney Beach Shop loyalty cardsYou can choose from two ways to use our loyalty card scheme, designed to suit your lifestyle. First up we have the traditional card version as you will have seen in many other coffee shops.

Present your card each time you buy any of our hot drinks at the beach in Fowey to get a stamp on your card for each drink.

Once your card is full (8 stamps) then you can exchange it for a free hot drink, whoop. We’ll then give you a fresh new card for next time you visit.

2. Loyalty card app: buy 8 hot drinks, get the 9th free

selyo loyalty card app qr code

If you rarely bring a wallet or purse out to the beach in Fowey, then why not choose our digital loyalty card scheme via a handy app called Selyo. You can download the Selyo app for free in advance of your visit from whichever app store your device supports or we have a QR code in store to scan which will take you straight there. In fact if you scan the QR code ⬅️ from your phone, you’ll be set up in no time.

A hand holding a mug of hot chocolate at readymoney cove fowey

Don’t worry that our loyalty card doesn’t show up on your Selyo app immediately. Once you’ve got the app installed just show us the code in the bottom right hand corner of your phone screen.

We’ll scan it to add your first stamp and you’ll then see the card displayed in your app. The app works in the same way as the paper card, receive 8 stamps to earn a free hot drink at your next visit to the beach in Fowey.



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3. Share your photos with us to win “Mug of the Month” 

We’re super proud of our hot drinks, in particular our deluxe hot chocolates with whipped cream and a range of delicious toppings, click here to see the full range of flavours (mine’s a Shipwreck please!). Ideally we’d take a photo of every single one we serve but the queue would be out the door so we love to see and share our customer’s photos instead.

A hand holding a vegan hot chocolate at Readymoney Cove with a jack russell terrier in the background

Once you've snapped your drink of choice, don’t forget to tag @readymoneybeachshop (we have the same account name on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok) so we can see your post. We particularly like it if your photo also includes a very cute dog...

At the end of each month we'll pick our favourite tagged photo to feature on our social media pages. If that's you then keep an out in the inbox of the relevant social media channel as we'll be in touch to explain how you can get your free hot drink at your next visit, boom! 

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We already think that Readymoney Cove is one of the best beaches in Cornwall but if you can visit the beach in Fowey to enjoy the incredible views AND earn yourself a free hot drink then even better. So download the app or pick up your loyalty card and get snapping!


a selfie of victoria at Readymoney Cove wearing a bobble hat and sunglasses and holding a hot chocolate


The boring bit: Terms & conditions for both promotional schemes can be found on our website, just scroll to the bottom to read our promotions policy.

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