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Exploring Dog Friendly Readymoney Cove: A Guide

Victoria Clark

Our gorgeous town of Fowey, with its stunning coastline and narrow winding streets has long been a popular destination for dog walking locals and tourists alike. Among Fowey's many attractions is our picturesque Readymoney Cove, a gem of a beach nestled just on the edge of this quaint Cornish town. Dog friendly Readymoney Cove offers a welcoming environment for dog owners seeking the perfect spot to enjoy some coastal relaxation with their furry friends. However, there are some important guidelines to keep in mind to ensure a pleasant experience for all beachgoers, both human and canine.

Timing Matters

One of the key points to note about Readymoney Cove is that while dogs are generally permitted, there are some restrictions during peak times. Specifically, from 10 am to 6 pm in the months of July and August, dogs are not allowed on the beach itself at all. This regulation is in place to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all visitors during the busiest periods. This is a relatively new rule as a couple of years ago dogs were banned completely from Easter Sunday until 1st October so if you haven't visited Fowey since then, do bear this in mind.

Alternative Dog Friendly Areas Near Readymoney Cove

During the beach restrictions, there are still plenty of areas where you can enjoy the dog friendly Readymoney Cove area with your four-legged friend. Dogs are welcome on the paved areas around the shop, inside the shelter, and onto the steps/slipway at the top of the beach. This provides ample space for your pet to stretch their legs and take in the seaside scenery even if they can't go onto the actual beach at the time of your visit.

I also recommend taking a walk up to St Catherine's Castle which is on the coastal path. You can do this by either taking the metal steps off the beach if the tide is right or taking the footpath between the cottages signposted for the Saints Way. One of my dogs really doesn't like the metal steps as they are an open grid constructions so the footpath route may suit better. The views over the cove, down onto the Fowey estuary and out over St Austell Bay are well worth the 10 minute walk and Alldays Field (an old Victorian golf course, spot the benches in the old bunkers!) is a wonderful open space to let your dogs run off lead. Do however abide by the Coastguard advice to keep your dog on a lead near cliff edges.

Stay Hydrated

Keeping your dog hydrated is essential, especially on warm summer days. Fortunately, we have facilities available to cater to your pet's needs (and your own! Click here for our opening hours). A water bowl for dogs is conveniently located on the paved area near the shop sign, and it can be refilled from the tap inside the shop. Additionally, a nearby stream (to the left of the white picket fence) offers a refreshing option for dogs who prefer running water. We're so dog friendly at Readymoney Cove that we we even sell special doggie ice-cream to cool down your faithful friend on a warm day plus a selection of eco friendly dog toys as well as classic tennis balls.

Beach Etiquette

When dogs are permitted on the beach, there's no requirement for them to be kept on a lead. However, please be mindful of how your dog interacts with others and to respect other beach users. Always remember to pick up after your dog and dispose of waste responsibly in the designated bins provided at the beach entrance/exit. 

Shop Courtesy

If you plan to visit the beach shop with your dog, remember to consider the comfort of both your pet and other customers inside what is a very small shop with limited space. Wet dogs inside a small shop can damage our stock so to avoid any awkward encounters, please leave your wet dog outside. We have special dairy-free doggie ice cream & bags of tasty treats to purchase plus complimentary dog treats (just ask if you can't see them) making it a delightful pit-stop for both you and your furry companion. You can find more information here about what we sell for human consumption.

Exploring Beyond Readymoney Cove

If you're looking to explore other dog-friendly beaches in the area, there are several options to consider. Whitehouse Beach, Polridmouth, and Coombe, situated between Readymoney and Polridmouth, have no restrictions on dogs. Additionally, the foreshore off Town Quay offers a great spot for a run when the tide is low, allowing your dog to stretch its legs and enjoy the coastal scenery. If you don't mind a short drive then Par Beach is huge, perfect for speedy to dogs to wear themselves up running laps along the shoreline.

Dog-friendly Readymoney Cove

In conclusion, dog friendly Readymoney Cove is a fantastic destination for dog owners seeking a relaxing day by the sea. By following the guidelines outlined above and showing consideration for fellow beachgoers, you and your furry friend can enjoy a memorable experience in this beautiful corner of Cornwall. So pack up your beach essentials, leash up your pup, and get ready for a paw-some adventure at Readymoney Cove!

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