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5 Glorious Ways to Enjoy Autumn at Readymoney Cove (updated for 2023!)

Victoria Clark

Autumn is a favourite season for many, with the drop in temperature seeing a return to cosy sweaters, seasonal hot drinks and the sheer unadulterated joy of walking through crunchy leaves. I've had some of my favourite times at Readymoney during the autumn months so thought I'd share with you my 5 Top Tips for enjoying Fowey's beautiful beach in autumn.

Readymoney Cove, Fowey in autumn


1. Dip those toes

Much to the horror of two-years-ago me I'm now a firm fan of swimming in the sea. It's not for everyone (but frankly if I can do it then you probably can too). I started in 2020 with the comfort blanket of my shortie wetsuit (short legs, long arms) and gradually got to a place where a swimsuit alone will see me right, maybe with gloves and a hat in the colder months.

You don't even need to properly get in the sea to experience the grounding benefits of cold water, why not take your shoes off and have a little paddle, yes it's cold but it does something magic I swear. If you are keen to take up wild swimming then please don't just jump in, I recommend finding your local swimming group (the Bluetits Chill Swimmers and The Outdoor Swimming Society are good places to start) and swotting up so that you know what to expect. One of our beanies will also come in very handy.


2. Warm up from the inside

a hot chocolate with cream and sprinkles at Readymoney Cove

We've got a fabulous range of seasonal hot chocolates to choose from with added syrups and a variety of toppings including fun sprinkles for kids such as Harry Potter, Under the Sea and Galaxy (as in planets, not the chocolate bar!). Inspired by a customer order my absolute favourite post-swim hot drink is a hot chocolate with cinnamon syrup.

It's definitely spiced pumpkin latte season too if you like your coffee with a bit of a twist.

We've also got a really delicious spiced apple drink, we're not allowed to sell alcohol but it's not far off a mulled cider (except without the resulting squiffiness of a mulled Rattler or three...). 


3. Treat yourself

Although we sell lots of ice-cream all year round sometimes a colder day calls for a slice of cake. Our bakes come from my lovely Lerryn based friend and baker to royalty Kerry from Kerry's Cakes and local French patissiere Agathe from Mardy Bakery. I struggle to choose between Kerry's amazing local cider date & apple cake or her toffee, cherry & almond cake as my top favourites but there's always a scrummy selection to choose from on our counter and Agathe's bakes including butterscotch blondies and Bakewell Tart are selling out almost as soon as they hit the counter. Delicious.

We also buy in brilliant bakes from a specialist gluten-free bakery near Redruth called BB's Bakery, mostly vegan and always delicious, look out for chocolate orange brownies, cookie bars or the ever popular honeycomb tiffin. 


4. Have a chat

This may sound really obvious but even when things are crazy busy (and when aren't they at this time of year) a brief conversation during a snatched few minutes sitting on the sea wall can be a huge happiness booster and help to reduce stress. Particularly in these modern times when the news is just full of death, war, poverty and general devastation.

Conversation builds connection and whether you take 20 minutes to catch up with a friend over a cup of tea at the beach or strike up a conversation with a fellow dog owner or walker, that instant mood lift from a convivial chat about something or nothing can be a real boost. We love all the conversations which arise in and outside our shop and building and developing those relationships when we have a bit more time to chat is something all the staff just love. It’s good for the soul. 😌


5. Soak up the sun

Sunny October day at Readymoney Cove, Fowey

We are very lucky here to often have great weather in the autumn and I take a very firm "seize the day" attitude to those warm sunny days. Ok so the day might have started off cold and will end the same way but this time of year you've got until about 3pm (until the clocks change) to head over to the Point Neptune side of the beach, on the left as you look out to sea, and soak up those rays. Don't forget that you can still burn in the autumn sun but soaking up that Vitamin D is so important so stay safe and bask like a snake whilst you can. If you've got littlies with you then they will enjoy splashing in the rockpools on that side of the beach or, if they are sure-footed, climbing the rocks. 


A basket of free blankets at Readymoney Cove to keep our shop customers nice and warm at the beach

Last autumn we added a basket of warm snuggly free to use blankets to the beach shelter so if the autumn sun isn't playing ball then why not grab your hot drink and piece of cake to hunker down under a fleecy blanket and watch the waves. Perfection! 

I hope you've enjoyed my 5 Top Tips for making the most of autumn and winter at Readymoney Cove, I'd love to know what your favourite things to do in Fowey are so please do leave a comment below and let me have your thoughts.

Victoria and one of her dogs at Readymoney Cove
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Love the blog and the addition of the tide times on the web page.

Julia Thompson

Love catching up with your newsletter on a Sunday, sets me up for the week ahead and some great autumn ideas in the blog ! Thank you x

Fiona Randall

Just wanted to say how much I love your blog and emails. I can’t wait to visit at Christmas

Nicole Ward

Just wanted to say how much I love your blog and emails. I can’t wait to visit at Christmas

Nicole Ward

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