Fowey primary school charity recipe book

Fowey Primary Charity Recipe Book

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While repeated lockdowns have been hard, Fowey has seen our wonderful community shine- showing tremendous spirit and coming together over a shared love of food. While local restaurants were closed during lockdown 1, staff kept busy sending weekly parcels of cooked meals out from school to vulnerable families in our area.

 Those families and others have come together to recreate classics from their own childhood (including one family who have recreated a chocolate tiffin recipe from a book mum, Kate, herself wrote when she was a pupil at Fowey Primary in the 1980’s!), cook together with siblings suddenly home from Uni and enjoy home-made meals and treats created from store cupboard ingredients.

 Recipes include Poppy’s sweet and salty cupcakes, Hazel’s proper Cornish pasties, Ruben’s white bread, Monty’s lemon and Primrose curd as well as the lockdown classics- Joe’s Chilli con Carne and two different banana loaves!

 Illustrated with full colour photographs of the children and families cooking, this book is being sold to raise funds for the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust, with all proceeds going directly to the hospital's Covid19 Fund to help provide staff with nourishment, to enhance staff rest areas, to give special thanks to team members, support staff in their recovery post-pandemic and to provide support for patients and their families.

*Note: we take nothing at all from the sale of these recipe books. 100% of the sale price goes to the hospital's charity, we simply act as an online retailer on behalf of the school*