Readymoney sand Beach in a Bottle pendant Necklace

Beach in A Bottle Necklace: Readymoney Sand & Sea Glass

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By Rescue Jewellery

These super cute pendant necklaces contain a tiny amount of genuine Readymoney sand plus small pieces of sea glass. 

Each necklace includes a mini glass* bottle with a cork lid glued into place for security. Presented on a 30cm waterproof caramel coloured waxed cord with a tie closure featuring two wooden beads which make each necklace completely adjustable: wear as a long pendant or wrap the cord around the neck twice to make a choker style.

Please note that the colour of the sea glass pieces is random and the item you receive may differ slightly from that pictured as each necklace is unique. However all bottles mainly contain blue glass. It is not possibly to identify the location that these tiny pieces of sea glass were collected.

Rescue Jewellery donate 10% of EVERY sale to a charity tackling climate change so you can wear your jewellery with pride knowing that you have contributed to making the world better.

* As the bottle is made from glass we would advise that these necklaces are worn responsibly and safely to avoid damage and resulting injury