With a location right on the beach we are passionate about ensuring our commitment to sustainability, in particular the fight against single-use plastic. Our hot drinks are provided as standard in our recycled plastic mugs which are then returned to special bins outside the shop and washed throughly before reuse. We do have takeaway cups available but as the vast majority of our customers drink their drinks on or around the beach, we have taken the bold step to charge 25p per disposable cup. Customers are welcome to bring their own cups. 
This charge is a very deliberate move on our part to consciously reduce the use of disposable single use cups. We are skeptical about the 'greenwashing' language commonly heard around biodegradable and compostable alternatives and strongly feel that the most sustainable and eco-friendly option is a reusable cup. Our reusable cups are actually made of 100% recycled plastic and they are thoroughly washed and sanitised between use. The vast majority of our customers will be drinking their hot drinks on and around the beach anyway and therefore returning the cups to our designated contact-free drop off buckets on the wall outside is no hassle at all. In fact many of our customers comment how much nicer it is to drink out of a 'proper mug' with a handle! They are much easier to carry too. We fully accept that a single use cup and a lid does not actually cost as much as 25p but we took the bold move to charge as a deterrent. We keep a record through our till system of the amount of cups we charge for and this money is then donated to local charities. Our most recent donation was to Cornwall Hospice Care.


We do not sell water in plastic bottles. We do sell water in cans and we also have a free to use water tap at the entrance to the shop which is part of the Refill scheme.


We no longer sell bodyboards. Instead we offer a value for money hire scheme on our range of unbreakable bodyboards sourced from the fabulous Zuma Jay surf shop in Bude. Although we do still sell plastic buckets and spades, we are continously adding to our range of sustainable options as these become available through our suppliers. In 2020 we started selling metal buckets and tool sets which are completely plastic free (other than a tiny annoying tie holding the tools to the cardboard backing!) and bucket sets made from recycled plastic.


We also act as a donation station for a number of projects including the Walkers Crisps Terracycle scheme for crisp packets and the Wyatt & Jack inflatables amnesty. There is more detail below about each scheme,



We are delighted to act as a collection point for Isle of Wight based upcycling heroes Wyatt & Jack. They take broken and discarded inflatables and make them into fantastic bags and pouches, saving them from landfill. You can send items to them directly if you prefer, just check out their FAQ page for details of how to send them and whether there are any restrictions on what they are able to take. Otherwise please feel free to drop with us but only during shop opening hours please.


Although we firmly believe that avoiding single use packaging is preferable where possible, we accept that the realities of life often include a surfeit of crisp packets! We act as a public drop off point for the Walkers Crisps Terracylcle Scheme, find out more information here about the scheme and what happens to your waste. Please note that because of the rules of the scheme (not rules that we make) only crisp packets (not nuts, sweets, chocolate, popcorn or other snacks) are accepted, these can be any brand, the scheme is not restricted to Walkers only. Please respect this as we simply do not have the time (or the inclination!) to sort through your rubbish to check it is compliant.


Crisp packets should be completely empty and not folded into triangles or scrunched into balls. The outer packaging from multipacks is accepted so please feel free to pack your packets inside this. Please only drop off your crisp packets during shop opening hours and get in touch if you have any questions.

Cornwall Sustainability Awards 2020

We were delighted to be a nominated business in the 2020 awards. Although we did not win any awards at the virtual award ceremony in December, we were delighted that our efforts and achievements were recognised sufficiently to warrant a nomination amongst some very illustrious company. Find out more about the awards here.